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Emergency Accomodation

Emergency Accomodation

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The next few questions are met with no change and we feel we're getting nowhere as three lights stay permanently on.

We’d come home late one night and he needed to go to the toilet really badly, so I told him to go to the downstairs one and we’d wait for him.But before I could reassess my sanity, I had just one more call to make to another guy who had lived there, Peter.Peter’s story made me pour a stiff drink and seriously think twice about doing the investigation.‘And I hated the living room.I’d get goose bumps with the feeling that someone was watching me.I had the same feeling in the stairwell where I’d even feel sick at times and one time I thought I saw someone’s face in one of the windows downstairs.Yes, I was dead sure.This was my time to walk into the middle of my worst fear and hand it a lollypop.However, there was still one problem.I had no idea how to conduct an investigation.So I sought the advice of someone from a real paranormal investigation team and over a series of emails I got the general gist of what I needed to do, plus I watched about ten episodes of Ghost Hunters on YouTube.Instant paranormal investigator!I saw them do it on Ghost Hunters and my new friend at the paranormal research group said they used one as well.I definitely needed one and the order was put through the aptly named Ghost Shack Shop for a K2 meter.On Ghost Hunters I noticed that the ghost is invited to answer yes or no questions by moving closer and further away from the meter, which then lights up accordingly.One static green light always stays on, but as the reader picks up an electromagnetic field another green light will come on, and the lights go from orange to red the stronger the field is.Then at home and got nothing also.Relieved, yet a little disappointed, I was starting to wonder if I’d bought a dodgy one until I remembered what its real purpose was and that’s to find broken electrical wiring in walls and leaks in electronic equipment.So I held it near power points and the computer monitor and sure enough it turned on a couple of lights as it should, so I knew it was working.There were just no ghosts in my office or at home.But it was Jason I was more worried about as he was the person who still had to live in the place after the investigation.And if we did find real evidence, how would he sleep then?So we arranged for emergency accommodation if anything did happen and he felt he couldn’t sleep another night there.Jason had been asking some local people whether they knew any history about the building and there was a rumour that someone had died in the upstairs apartment, so it was now his task to uncover the truth.Roger Jones had built the offices and apartment and the service station next door and apparently lived in the upstairs apartment where he later died.I did a Google search and there was his name in the cemetery records.He was a real person who had died in the apartment and his ghost was now haunting the building scaring the bejesus out of everyone.I needed to get this investigation done fast, so we set a date and finalised plans.I don’t think I’ve been more excited in my life!About a week later Andy and I found ourselves standing in the very building that I had worked in almost 17 years previously and it still felt the same, eerily the same.Nothing had changed over the years except the people.Filled with outdated 1970s furniture, piles of broken chairs, worn out carpet, musty aromas and dust, dust and more dust, it was like a time capsule.