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Thin Ma Yin Thin Ma Yin

Thin Ma Yin Thin Ma Yin

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Don't use your disgusting tricks on her." Tianshu cold tunnel, conveniently the sky painting around his neck hand pulled down.

The disease-free and disaster-free mouth opened slightly in surprise, and his face turned into a peach. See a few people look at oneself like this, worry-free fell to restore the appearance of the usual Lala: "Is not not humane?"? Why did the whole night leave the girl such a beautiful woman to ignore, and even look at the fold there. And, "at this point, worry-free mysteriously lowered the volume again," I haven't had children for so many years? If you think about it, isn't it strange? That is to say, the average family with a little extra money, if they have no children at this age, will not accept many concubines, one is not good, a few more will always be successful! Not to mention a prince like Ye, how many women don't Lin have? But in this house, unexpectedly only these several women, moreover, unexpectedly has not waited for the concubine to pass the room, this is not very strange? And, you think, this princess does not want to let Pu Su Guma into the house, which we can understand, women, who would like their men to share one more person? But isn't it strange? It is said that Pusu Guma is the daughter of the chief of Pudan. She is as noble as the princess on our side in the grassland, and she is as beautiful as a flower. Which man would refuse such a woman? I don't seem to be very affectionate to the princess, so why refuse? I thought about it, but I couldn't think of anything else except this reason. This, to have no worries to say so, warm son, no disease, no disaster a few do not feel that there seems to be a little bit of truth, is it true that Ye has that what is wrong,magnesium sulfate monohydrate, can not let that Pu Su Guma marry in? That's why the princess agreed to go to a lot of trouble to arrange this? Worry-free looking at a few people thoughtfully look, do not feel elated, rare once, oneself also do back to Zhuge, see a few of them in the future dare not always say that they have no brain? "Greetings to the master, the master is auspicious." Worry-free voice sounded loud and clear in the yard, and then the footsteps got closer and closer. Yun Lian, unexpectedly came back at this time. Chapter 214 tell me a story. A few people in Nuaner were in chaos. Why did you come back as soon as you talked about this man? Sure enough, it is wrong to talk about people's rights and wrongs behind their backs, and several people have a guilty conscience. Nuaner hurriedly jumped out of the chair, without disaster, without illness two to help her straighten the messy skirt, a few people just stood by the door, Yunlian strode into the door. "Greetings to you." The bodies of several people were shorter again. Uh Yun Lian nodded and went straight to the desk to sit down, and the little Luzi who followed him also moved a pile of high folds to come over, obviously a lot of things. It seems that I'm going to grind ink again today. Nuaner is a little sad. I've been grinding all night yesterday, Magnesium Nitrate Fertilizer ,Magnesium Sulphate producer, and my wrist is still a little sore now. I didn't expect to be so busy as a prince. It was much harder than most of them. Little Luzi put all the things in his hands and prepared to go out. Ye to this Tian Liangren can not be general, originally under the morning, Ye to the fifth Ye pulled, to see what he invented. The sixth master also went with them. After a long separation, they met again and said they wanted to have a candlelight night to talk about something. When they returned to Beijing before, they would never refuse, but today they came back unexpectedly. I'm afraid I was thinking about promising Tian Liangren to come back early in the morning. Others can't see it, how can you hide it from him? Seeing that the girls were still in the house and had not left, Xiao Luzi could not help shaking his head secretly. Girls like them, who do not know how to understand the will of their superiors, would have died several times if they were in the palace. This Tian Liangren's several wenches are also too not clever, how can this be done? It seemed that he had to give these maids a good lesson. The master was favored, and these maids could be imposing. It was no problem for them to walk sideways in the house. But if the master was not good, it would be meaningless to be a person at the moment, and they would be trampled everywhere. Just like his little son, isn't he with a good master? He is imposing wherever he goes. "He has to teach these girls well." You guys, come down with me! Little Luzi kept a straight face and thought he was still very dignified, which he had learned from his father. But in fact, in the eyes of a few people without illness, like a child pretending to be an adult, very funny, but they are just laughing in their hearts, this offended the people around me, is not to add to the girl? The importance of this little Luzi father-in-law, they still know very well, have to make a good relationship with him is. No disease, no disaster between the eyes, is already aware of each other's ideas, so obedient to follow the small Luzi out. Although she was a little worried about the girl, her two sisters had gone out, and she had to follow them. Besides, as soon as he came in, there was a cold wind in the room. It was really uncomfortable to stay in the room. It was better to go out. Worry-free heart secretly prayed for the girl, and left. This girl, it's not that she has no worries and no loyalty. It's really that she can't help. Today, I took off my makeup, and Nuaner just pulled her eyebrows lightly, basically without makeup. Yun Lian looked at such a warm son, feeling a little familiar and a little strange, originally, she is like this when she does not make up, it seems that she is more comfortable than when she makes up, but how old is she? Thinking of this, Yunlian naturally asked. Thirteen years old. Nuaner made a cup of tea and handed it to Yunlian. It looked fine last night, but today it really doesn't look like it's ready to die, but it's okay, it's not clever. Yun Lian thought, unconsciously took the tea in his hand, took a sip, and frowned. How can it be jasmine tea? Everyone in this mansion knows that he only drinks Tieguanyin. Didn't you soak Tieguanyin last night? Why did you change it today? How did he know that the tea yesterday was prepared by the house, and that Nuaner had always loved to drink scented tea,magnesium nitrate hexahydrate, so today, when he was not ill, he naturally put away the Tieguanyin and replaced it with the scented tea that Nuaner loved to drink. As for what Yunlian likes to drink? It seems that the master and servant do not have the knowledge to please the new master at present.