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A rogue son of heaven

A rogue son of heaven

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Even if he is a bad person, he should make it worthwhile for him to come to this world. So it's not wrong to do anything, only to be a mortal is wrong! 。

Do you think I'd be happy if I lived alone? Do you think I can live with a good conscience without my heart? Even if dead, what's the big deal, I Lin Miao has died several times, can live to now, has not lost! Lin Miao is stubborn and authentic. But what can you do? Even with the addition of Lao Bao, Xianglin, me and Ah Si, there are only a dozen of us. What role can this play? Knife six depressed tunnel. Go and help me find out where Kong Yong often goes these days. Lin Miao suddenly said. Do you really want to deal with Kong Yong? Xiao Dao Liu asked in surprise. All you have to do is tell me where Kong Yong often goes these days, and you don't have to worry about anything else. I'll go first and give me the news tomorrow. Lin Miao grabbed the deep bamboo hat and said in a deep voice. Xiao Dao Liu looked at Lin Miao in silence, but did not know what to say. He understood that no one could change what Lin Miao had decided. Whoa.. A thunderbolt startled outside, and the electric fire fell out of the window like a silver snake, and the wing seemed to gradually become dim. Under the lightning, Lin Miao's back dragged very long, but still disappeared outside the door curtain. Xiao Dao Liu had no intention of leaving it behind. He didn't even know whether Lin Miao had already had lunch, but that didn't matter. The rain was extremely wild, and the pedestrians on the streets were almost extinct. Some people who had not had time to rush home hid under the eaves of others, and the streets, which had been very busy, were suddenly empty. However, this heavy rain does not make people upset, but let many people breathe a sigh of relief, at least, it will dilute the heat a lot, it is nearly August, but still so hot, it is really a bit unusual. And this shower, more make the smoke and dust over the city of Nanyang all down. Everyone believed that the heavy rain would bring back a clear and blue sky. Only in the thunderstorm, the city of Nanyang seems to be quiet a lot, however, the sky has been gradually dim, at the moment is near dusk. Tongren Line is the largest iron shop in Nanyang City, west of the city, but here is a very famous commercial zone, all kinds of shops across two streets,heavy duty metal racks, and "Tongren Line" is one of them. Because of the heavy rain, this busy street has become somewhat depressed, few pedestrians, many shops are closed, but the company is not closed. For them, it doesn't matter whether it rains or not. They just make weapons and blades. Tongren's weapon is well-known far and near, and its iron quality is so strong that it will never produce scrap copper and iron. Lao Tie is the master of Tongren Bank. He has five disciples, and the whole Tongren Bank is operated by these six people. They not only forge farm tools, but also forge weapons and armor for the government, so they are very popular in the city of Nanyang. Lao Tie has rarely cast weapons and farm tools in person, because he has disciples, unless there is really a good iron that Lao Tie likes, then Lao Tie will be itching to show his skills. At this moment, Lao Tie is no longer young, but no one dares to say that he is old, because few people can swing the heavy hammer of Lao Tie, which is like the symbol of Lao Tie. As long as it is still hanging over the hall of Tongren Xing, mobile racking systems ,industrial racking systems, no one will suspect that Tongren Xing will cast inferior products. Flames leapt, and the air inside was hot, even though it was raining heavily outside. Lao Tie's disciples don't seem to care about how the weather changes at all, nor do they care about anything other than the stubborn iron in their hands, including the guests who come in in the rain. All their minds were on the fluttering fire and the flying hammer. Ding Dang. Endless knocking with sweat splashing, in the occasional flash of electric fire and fire as the background of the outline, everything is full of unpredictable sense of movement and strength. The man who came in the rain still wore a deep bamboo hat, and the drops of water fell slowly, but his eyes stayed on the flying hammer and the jumping fire, thoughtfully. Hot air filled every inch of space in the shop, just like the vitality of the muscles of the naked hammer, the surging sense of force, making life real and concise, just like the knife gradually taking shape! The stranger's clothes were still dripping, and although he wore a bamboo hat, he could not completely block the seemingly all-pervasive rain. He stood for a long time before he said lightly, "I'm looking for Lao Tie!" The blacksmith did not answer, but an old woman came out of the inner compartment. The woman looked charming and fair-skinned, and it was hard to imagine that she was a person living under the smoke and fire. Are you looking for Lao Tie? The woman's words are very direct, light, soft, not like a hammer of fire, but like a spring breeze, which makes people feel comfortable in their hearts. Yes, I'm looking for Lao Tie! The stranger must be authentic, but he had no intention of taking off his bamboo hat. Although the woman was a little shorter than him, she still couldn't see his face clearly from under the bamboo hat. So she hesitated for a moment and said, "I'm his wife. He's not in the shop. It's the same if you have anything to tell me." "Some words can only be said to Lao Tie, in fact, maybe you can replace them, but in my eyes, they are two different things, so they can only be said to Lao Tie!" The stranger is a little stubborn. The woman looked at the stranger again. She wanted to look down to see what he looked like, but soon she controlled her strong curiosity. However, listening to the voice, she knew that the other party must be very young. All right, come with me, please. The woman took a breath. The stranger did not say anything more, he did not care about the result, nor would he be surprised, but followed the woman's back to the backyard. The woman took the stranger to the backyard and pointed to the man who was watching the rain in a pavilion. "There he is," she said. Lao Tie stood quietly, as if he were thinking about something, but his eyes were locked with the raindrops as big as beans. Lao Tie seems to be not young, his hair is a little gray, and I don't know whether it's because of the influence of fireworks or because he's really not young. Strangers just looked at the old iron that is like the back of the cast iron, tall and straight, high, steady, giving a sense of lofty mountains. A pavilion, a person, surrounded by thunderstorms in the courtyard, seems to be isolated and integrated with heaven and earth, there is an indescribable rhyme, even strangers are stunned. The stranger only hesitated for a moment,warehousing storage solutions, then stepped up to the pavilion, without looking at the woman again, or without the need.